Project Details

Menard Solution

Alexandria Port Authority intends to construct a new terminal at El Dekheila Port. The project comprises the construction of quay wall so-called (QW100).
EDECS have appointed Menard as specialized ground Improvement contractor to carry out the scope of soil improvement works.

The project requires soil improvement works by using installation of Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) as well as application of the Vibrocompaction (VC) and Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) to allow the consolidation of the locally very soft to medium stiff clays/silts to occur and execution of compaction works for the reclamation sand material that will be backfilled on top of the very soft to medium stiff clayey/silty layers. Furthermore, installation of vertical sand drains by means of Vibrocompaction (VC) to increase shear strength of localized peat with sand\peat with silt mixed layers.

Selected Techniques:

Vertical Drain | Rapid Impact Compaction | Vibrocompaction

Treatment Area:

200,000.00 m2

Project Location:


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