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Freyssinet Menard Northern Emirates (FMNE) (Menard) was contracted to carry out the soil improvement under the future 1800 MW Power Plant in Sharjah UAE.

FMNE as a ground improvement specialist were tasked with assessing the soil and offering a suitable ground improvement technique to ensure that project requirements for provision of the required bearing capacity, limiting total settlements and mitigation of liquefaction were met. The required allowable bearing capacity is 150 kPa, The maximum allowable settlement for an isolated footing (max. 4m x 4m) under an applied pressure of 150 kPa is 25mm & The maximum allowable settlement for mat foundations under an applied pressure of 150 kPa is 50mm as per project specifications.

The existing soil condition consisted of Loose silty, gravely fine SAND., Medium/Dense silty gravelly fine SAND & Fine SAND with fragments of Calcarenite / Sandstone. Ground water depth was encountered during the investigation phase. Based on the soil report, the average depth of soil improvement to be considered was approximately 9.0m below the average existing ground level.

On completion of pre-Test CPT analysis it was determined the entire area of the developed project would be treated using a combination of Vibrocompaction and HEIC. The actual soil conditions require treatment up to an average of 9.0 m in depth. Trial areas were performed to ensure the efficiency of the improvement and determine grid spacing’s to be applied. Post CPT testing will be performed to assess the quality of ground improvement works using the final target performance line to ensure all treatment complied with project requirements.

Selected Techniques:

Vibrocompaction / High Energy Impact Compaction

Project Depth:


Project Location:

United Arab Emirates

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