Project Details


Hudayriyat Island is located off the southwest coast of Abu Dhabi Island and when fully developed will encompasses a lineup of cultural and ecological destinations in addition to residential properties, commercial spaces, and leisure facilities to encourage a healthier lifestyle for the whole community.

The site has been divided into three areas, with the central area forming the Priority Development Area 2 was awarded to Menard for the Ground improvement works.

Ground Conditions

After an analysis of the soil investigation data and the pre-CPTs campaign carried out recently, Menard derived the general project soil profile and hence, The methodology of technique selection is based on the depth of improvement, compatibility of the existing soil and presence of dense layer.

Improvements were carried out inside right of ways ROW (Road) and outside right of ways (Plots) with both having different requirements of improvement. Since the improvement requirements were different in ROW and plots, there were different grids designed for both cases.

Menard Solution

The nature of the soil on site varies quite a bit throughout the site. As such, it is expected that several different improvement techniques will be required to treat all the different areas and soil conditions.

  • Compaction Techniques – Dynamic Compaction (DC), Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC).
  • Inclusion Techniques – Dynamic Replacement (DR), Stone Columns (SC) and Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC).

Selected Techniques:

Dynamic Compaction (DC) | Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC)

Treatment Area:

2,339,411.10 sqm

Project Location:

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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