Our Legacy

Born on May 4, 1931 in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in French Brittany, Louis Menard was destined to revolutionize geotechnology by developing the pressuremeter in 1960. Menard has consistently prioritized innovation, resulting in its immense growth with a series of world records in the field of soil improvement.

Being the pioneers of ground improvement, we have developed and patented soil improvement techniques suitable for a large range of soft soils since our establishment in 1965. Working for a vast range of projects in over 40 countries worldwide, Menard has proudly celebrated numerous industry-leading innovations over the years.

Specializing in creative solutions and cost-saving alternatives to the deep foundations traditionally used to support buildings and structures, Menard prides itself in its optimal performance as a specialist geotechnical contractor.

In today’s date, Menard is a fully-integrated ground-engineering company with the capability of designing, executing and controlling and existing soil improvement technique to any performance criteria defined by the client.