Safety: A Positive Belief Based Culture

“Return home safe”

Safety is the presence of positives, rather than the absence of negatives. A right mind set towards safety culture can be developed through successful behavioral interventions. At Menard, we stress the importance of such a culture, thus ensuring the safe return of our employees to their loved ones.

Ground improvement specialist

Menard Commits to Safety

Menard says STOP

Menard says STOP

Simplicity is effective, as demonstrated by the STOP (Stop, Think, Organise, Proceed) cards devised by Agra Foundations and Geopac, subsidiaries of Soletanche Bachy and Menard in Canada. The system works as follows: when a dangerous situation is detected on a worksite, any person can hold up his or her STOP card. All activity then stops and is only resumed when the problem has been solved. Given the excellent results of this system, Menard has decided to roll it out across its subsidiaries worldwide.

Safety Coaches

The aim was to build an effective communication and support network in terms of safety within the site team. Safety Coaches help others embed positive safety habits through encouragement, conversation and goal setting. They help Leaders and frontline teams develop a positive safety culture. Coaches are encouraged to express ideas that can help change the way people perceive health and safety by building on and promoting successes within their working teams.

QHSE Policies

At Menard, our dedication shines through in delivering top-notch services, prioritizing the health and safety of our team, clients, and the environment. We embrace our duty to safeguard the environment, promote well-being, and consistently exceed customer expectations with quality services.

Work Hard and Have Fun

At Menard, we believe good work is closely linked with a good ambiance at work. And because we spend most of our time at work, better have some fun doing it!

The principles we believe in, in terms of management, are those of Servant Leadership, by which each manager is focused on serving his team rather than the other way around, and pragmatic behavior based on accountability, empowerment and transparency.

If you wish to join our teams and work with passion and fun, apply directly to the Business Unit corresponding to the region you want to work in.

Solution Provider

When introduced to a project, we will have a lot of questions before giving any answer. This is simply because we want to understand the needs of the project so as to develop a tailor made solution, not just filling a bill of quantities. Ultimately, we will contract on turnkey basis, guaranteeing technical specs.