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Project description

The South Yoloten Gas Field Development Project is located approximately 70km South East of the city of Mary in Turkmenistan and about 20km Southern to Yoloten. The project area covers 1,060,000m2 where the initial ground conditions were dunes. The project includes the construction of Central Processing Facility, comprising Power Plant, Production Units, Storage tanks and Pipe Racks.

Ground conditions

Pre-test results have highlighted the presence of very loose, very fine mono granular dune sand up to depth of 15m. The main problem was the heterogeneity of the soil density below the working platform. No water table was encountered throughout the site.


In order to safely support the structures and taking into account the tight schedule given to Petrofac to construct the future Gas Plant, MENARD was awarded the contract to perform Soil Improvement by Dynamic Compaction. The schedule was 4 months including mobilization of the 8 Dynamic Compaction Rigs. The challenge was to optimize the production parameters function of the initial topography to respect the short time frame allocated for Soil Improvement, and ensuring the quality of the works to allow further subcontractors for Civil Works. Despite the difficulties related to delay on mobilization, remote location, extreme weather conditions, Menard has been able to complete the works on time and deliver the platform with partial handover to allow continuity of different activities.

Selected Techniques:

Dynamic Compaction

Treatment Area:


Project Location:


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