Project Details

Menard Solution

The total plot area is divided into two phases where the current scope and proposal is covering only the buildings within Phase 1 only in addition to all the boundary wall around the whole plot (phase-1 and phase-2).

Dynamic Replacement for building foundations and road/parking areas and Controlled Modulus Columns for boundary wall are best suited to achieve project specification.

Ground improvement works carried out by Dynamic Replacement for area totaling 85035.92m2 and by controlled Modulus Columns for area totaling 1695.02 m2.

After ground improvement works, backfilling was done till formation levels for Road and Yard area following by HEIC for total area 47,600.03 m2.

Selected Techniques:

High Energy Impact Compaction | Dynamic replacement | Controlled Modulus Columns

Treatment Area:

High Energy Impact Compaction 47,600 m²
Dynamic replacement 85,036 m²
Controlled Modulus Columns 2,771 m²

Project Location:

Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

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