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Central Processing Facilities Project Phase-2 Majnoon Oil Field Iraq

The project is part of the development of the Majnoon Oil field, 50km north from Basra City and consists of construction of several buildings and structures as part of the Central Processing Facilities (CPF-2) for the oil field. As a part of the Majnoon Oil field development Construction of CPF-2 consists of different structures i.e. Crude Oil Storage tank, Produced Water Storage tank, Washed Water Storage tank and isolated foundations.

Menard was employed by the client to improve the soil under these structures, with applied stresses varying between 100 and 200kPa, with the following areas:

  • Crude Oil Storage Tank – 45m diameter 2,134 m2 including foundation‐ 2,134 m2 including foundation
  • Produced Water Storage Tank – 19m diameter – 410 m2 including foundation On completion of CMC
  • Wash Water Storage Tank – 13m diameter – 172 m2 including foundation installations
  • Isolated Foundations- (Pumps and Blower foundations)- 514.28 m2

Considering the existing soil conditions Menard Proposed and designed the job for Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs) to improve the soil as this is fast and efficient technique in the current site conditions. An average length of 14.8m of CMC installed and 30 to 50cm embedment of column in the anchoring layer provides the support to bear the structural load. Design parameters i.e. grid spacing and length of CMC were different for each structural unit due to type of foundation and load applied at the top of foundation.

Selected Techniques:

Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs)

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