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Project description

The project was the construction of an 800 MW power plant for the new smelter of Sohar Aluminium in Sohar Industrial Port Area of Oman. In addition to the two power blocks the project included the construction of a gas insufflated switchgear (GIS) building, two fuel tanks and a water tank, each measuring 28m in diameter.

Ground geology

The available data showed about 6m of loose to medium dense silty/clayey sands overlying on a dense layer of silty sand. Bedrock was encountered at the depth of about 10 to 15 m. Soil report under the GIS building area demonstrated layers of soft clay in 7m depth. The Contractor had replaced this material with non-engineered sandy fill. Ground water level was recorded at the depth of about 4 m.


Dynamic Compaction was proposed and implemented as a soil compaction method. Calibration works to optimize design parameters, and consequently production began immediately after mobilization of the DC rig. The power blocks soil improvement works were carried out within 21 days. Ground treatment of the tanks and GIS building required 6 more days, hence the works were carried out in less than one month.

Selected Techniques:

Dynamic Compaction

Project Depth:


Project Location:


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