Project Details

Menard Solution

The project is part of the Gebze‐Izmir motorway which will ultimately link Istanbul to Izmir, the 3rd largest city in Turkey.

The client is a consortium called NOMAYG developing the highway on a BOOT scheme, which each 5 of its members being the ground improvement contractors in charge of a section of the highway.

Menard executed 400,000 lm of PVDs, which could be increasing to anything between 1 and 9m lm on following phase depending on good performance on the 1st phase.

2 main reasons for being awarded this project:

  • Local contact with Menard’s new office in Turkey, which had a big influence and helped waive the client’s fears about awarding a contract to a potential large international contractor difficult to work with;
  • Offered to execute the works with an APE mast. The client had seen the existence of this mast and was keen to have a subcontractor try it. This differentiated us from our competitor and we brought a rig from USA for this purpose.

Selected Techniques:

Prefabricated Vertical Drains

Treatment Area:


Project Location:


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