Rapid Impact Compaction

Quay Wall 100-Dekhela Port


Project Details Menard Solution Alexandria Port Authority intends to construct a new terminal at El Dekheila Port. The project comprises the construction of quay wall so-called (QW100). EDECS have appointed Menard as specialized ground Improvement contractor to carry out the scope of soil improvement works. The project requires soil improvement works by using [...]

Hudayriyat Priority Development Area (PDA), Abu Dhabi- UAE


Project Details Descriptions Hudayriyat Island is located off the southwest coast of Abu Dhabi Island and when fully developed will encompasses a lineup of cultural and ecological destinations in addition to residential properties, commercial spaces, and leisure facilities to encourage a healthier lifestyle for the whole community. The site has been divided into [...]

Qurum Villa Oman


Project Details Menard Solution The project consists of a Private Villa at al Qurum area in Muscat - Oman including a basement floor with raft foundation and basement walls. The depth of foundation excavation is about 5m +/- 1m in additional to seven (7) different locations/buildings with different ground levels located inside the [...]

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