Ports & Airports

Quay Wall 100-Dekhela Port


Project Details Menard Solution Alexandria Port Authority intends to construct a new terminal at El Dekheila Port. The project comprises the construction of quay wall so-called (QW100). EDECS have appointed Menard as specialized ground Improvement contractor to carry out the scope of soil improvement works. The project requires soil improvement works by using [...]

Feed Mill Yanbu Industrial Port Saudi Arabia


Project Details Menard Solution The Proposed Soil Improvement technique was Controlled Modulus Columns given our past experience in the same area during the construction of the main feed mill. The owner requested Menard to execute the same technique for the above structure due to the speed of installation and it proven integrity. [...]

Galata Port Turkey


Project Details Menard Solution At the Heart of Istanbul, on the shore of the European side of Bosphorus, Galataport is one of the biggest and most ambitious projects to increase the tourism capacity and prestige of Istanbul, Turkey. The project is designed to replace the existing cruise ship port with a more modern [...]

Karasu Port Sakarya


Project Details Menard Solution Menard have successfully completed the soil improvement works in Karasu Port by means of dynamic compaction and handed over the site to the client İÇTAŞ. 4,200 m2 area was densified against liquefaction where the administrative buildings of the port are planned to be constructed. In terms of QA/QC, 2 [...]

Sohar Vale Project


Project Details Project description The project was the construction of an 800 MW power plant for the new smelter of Sohar Aluminium in Sohar Industrial Port Area of Oman. In addition to the two power blocks the project included the construction of a gas insufflated switchgear (GIS) building, two fuel tanks and a [...]

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