Process & Energy

Al Zour Refinery Kuwait


Project Details Menard Solution The contract was won through the combined efforts of Menard teams in France, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. It covers improvement of about 4,000,000 sq. metres of natural soil at the site of a new refinery. To improve bearing capacity and control settlement in very poor soil (silt [...]

Ras Gas LNG Tanks


Project Details Project description Marine territories in Qatar are the biggest gas fields in the world. The project is located in industrial region of Qatar - Ras Laffan, located 70 km north of Doha, and is rapidly becoming the hub of world LNG. In this respect a number of LNG tanks were under [...]

South Yoloten Galkynysh Central Processing Facility


Project Details Project description The South Yoloten Gas Field Development Project is located approximately 70km South East of the city of Mary in Turkmenistan and about 20km Southern to Yoloten. The project area covers 1,060,000m2 where the initial ground conditions were dunes. The project includes the construction of Central Processing Facility, comprising Power [...]

Zugdidi Waste Water Treatment Plant Georgia


Project Details Menard Solution The project of the new waste water Treatment Plant of the city of Zugdidi, Georgia, is located in close proximity to the river. Ludwig Pfeiffer required the execution of additional soil investigation to be carried out in order to fully understand the geotechnical conditions of the site. The soil [...]

Majnoon Oil Field Iraq


Project Details Menard Solution Central Processing Facilities Project Phase-2 Majnoon Oil Field Iraq The project is part of the development of the Majnoon Oil field, 50km north from Basra City and consists of construction of several buildings and structures as part of the Central Processing Facilities (CPF-2) for the oil field. As a [...]

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